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The COVID-19 pandemic affected our societies in ways that were never seen before when it comes to rules and restrictions, but also in terms of our daily habits. More specifically, the effects of those restrictions significantly changed the way business is conducted in this pandemic era, as well as changing the buying patterns of many individuals. …

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Image recognition has been a very hot topic recently in terms of new technologies that are using artificial intelligence. Companies such as Apple using face detection on their most recent phones as well as Tesla with their autonomous cars using image recognition to detect obstacles are two of the many current technologies that require artificial intelligence powered models to deliver successful products. We decided to take this a step further by trying to detect human movements in videos and see how our model performs at classifying the videos when presented with a never seen before video.

How it works

To perform video classification…

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COVID-19 negatively impacted a lot of countries in the world today, France being one of them. An analysis of what happened in this country in terms of trends, measures, immigration and immunity was done to better understand their effects on the country’s citizens and therefore on the health care system as well. To do so, models were built in R with the link to that code being available at the end of the article.


To get a better understanding of what is happening, we proceeded to plot the important numbers that define the COVID situation in France, those numbers being…

It is no secret that firms are willing to spend millions of dollars for a couple of seconds worth of placement during a big event such as the Super Bowl. Is spending that much money really worth it? The goal of our project is to measure the extent of such advertising campaigns on Twitter users and try to better understand why companies are willing to break the bank to advertise during such events.

To ease our analysis, we decided to focus on the GM advertising campaign which focused on their release of new Electric Vehicles. …

Jules Zielinski

Data Analytics enthusiast with a passion for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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